Dwelling in Consciousness Part 2

Dwelling in Consciousness 
Part 2
EmBrace your history , origin and tradition the only heritage you can keep is Gods son Jesus 

It is not the chance that you take but the choice that you make that defines your destiny 
Them no want what they say when they say black people unite,they want we fuss and fight and jah know that no right

They say blacks come from monkey ,but monkeys live in their beautiful trees in peace..
No monkey builds a fence around a fruit tree.. men do that and make others lack and steal.

Monkeys do not abort or leave their babies... and they never feed their babies  with plastic bottles .

Monkeys do not charge for sex.

Monkeys do not change their skin tone neither do they bleach to look like zebra.

The system of black Friday is for stealing to the maximum on the poor by supplying  knock off products and expiring ones and trying to clear dead stock...hardly it is to help .

When you are engulfed by many obstacles in a journey that others cruise easy...  the lessons are important for the last stretch to greatness and through the greatness.

If you idea is to retail then you are not a manufacturer....it is important learning your journey desires that knowing the paths.... it cuts you getting into unnecessary trouble.

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