Wednesday, 24 April 2019

What,Where,and Who is Music

-What is music
Emotions expressed with Melodies and Beat.
-What makes music ,
Made  by need for expression by talking in understandable tongues in tune.
-What is Music to a Listener,
Confirmation of Ecspressions, or acceptance of singers speech.
-What is Music to a Vocalist,
Tool of speech, expose of soul , delivery of feelings ,Record of events or memories.
-What is Music to a Producer,
Arrangement, expressions and retirement of ideas.
-Where can you Find Music,
From Nature, Patterns of Beats, Sounds, Words, Dreams or from People.
-Who has the most Music,
People in discomfort, in lack or Need.
-What exhausts Music
Having Enough, growing old ,Death of life.
-Children Music
Repetition and  Learning
-Youth Music
Celebration and Trial
-Adult Music
Progression and Reflection
-Senior or Old People Music

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