The Unexposed Extent of Destruction of White Man the Homeless Albino Offspring

The unexposed extent of destruction of white man the homeless albino offspring of the Black Man.

Why do we call them [white albinos] Homeless, because CANADA was INDIANS and so was USA before white system.[Indians , Chinese, Arabians are not albinos}
North america was not theirs too, Neither was Russia nor Africa. The true home of the white man was Africa with their Black moms where they were born as Albino kids and since they were believed to be cursed which still remains, they were chased from homes and later they came to unite and design a system to diminish their ancestors and conquer Home with weapons. The white Children’s and current adults do not even know why the system favors white albinism than Black origins.

You hate me ,you feel like you would exonerate me ,my statements burn you ,but I hate you and I wish there is more I could do, I just know God mungu , ngai, enkai, mwene hinya, mumbi wa iguru na thi, baba mulungu, shall not let the albino white homeless offspring of the black go scot free.
History is untold of the Canadian INDIAN Residential Schools where originals were stripped off their heritage and culture by the then government of Canada by white Royal Albinos. Between 1950 and 1980 over 300000 children were separated from their families forcefully and taken to schools which did not let them see their home again nor have time with cultural families. It might sound normal but this was where the Albino man used to have his abnormal pleasures of raping boys and girls and making them one by one experience humiliation of being Indian origin under white supremacists.

Same stories are hidden and worse or worst, e.g. in East Africa 8 4 4 british education system for boarding schools where children were induced to be gays and lesbians by separation and denial of culture .The same is seen in South Africa apartheid the original segregation of black people and forcing them to forget and hate their culture and rather copy the albino white homeless man who thought he is Jesus.
The only reason white albinos failed in the foreign like Canada and south Africa is because the father  God of Hebrew the dad of the black race, was remembered and feared and his angels dwelt in near East Africa and north parts so the white man could not conquer them.

These stories of all these people are hidden and people do not realize just yesterday in East Africa the white Albino came and forced their grannies out of their homes, PUT them in Camps,{ghettos} and made them farm and work for them the albinos in Kenya as if this was a sweet thing. By a simple white color system ,EAT SLEEP, and HUSTLE looking for money that cannot be found it is easy to make people forget slavery and all the white albino sins to Africans. It is easy to make tv and create movies and funny things to divert memories and spare time to learn history.
People we need to find the errs in the current white system that is designed to make people forget God and turn away from their culture and become only corrupt fools and wicked rapists and killers of tradition all by themselves.

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