Mndinyo-Willy Pauls Song Hallelujah of Blasphemy and Twerking


Remember the VIDEO… She said it should be called Mndinyo I say you did just what He [Willy wanted}
And ETHIC and ALL new Gangs know it so well.
If you come from, live or ever lived in the ghetto this post is not for you, you already know whatever I will say.
If you have ever worked continuously and not get paid you also know what it is to play rough. if you have ever lost everything you ever worked for, then you know the fair do not exist or are just to rare for everyone.

If you criticize what willy paul is doing, you should consider what you really are willing to do to get back all of your stolen savings, or burnt down the house, or if some did a hit and run and broke your arms and legs.

When you release music like willy and someone does not pay your performance or your downloads are downgraded, then salt to the wound promoters and  Safaricom ltd together with Cellulant and mMdundo collude to dimish whatever else earnings are left.
 Go ask EUNICE NJERI too and others.
When life treats you a certain way you learn how not to cope, when you do a week without a decent meal, you learn everything you should and will do to get it from those who have it and drive past you like the wind on a sinking ship.
When you know the future is never better, and that King Solomon said “ fool is someone who says better was the earlier days”, then you will understand that you should be will to do what is possible and not to get you a place and a meal, perhaps even something f-more for tomorrow.
There is no day a rich man will know what it is to sleep hungry get denial in vanity of plentifulness, or have no one when everyone is around. What willy is is what all us like him are willing to do..including reinventing themselves in the face of Earth in presence of Holy name of God and White Jesus to secure yourself a place in the uncertain future.

If today you went to the richest man with $57B and ask KES1m to secure your lifetime dreams and a meal they will tell you-you are not serious and do not have a plan.

When you device a plan and disguise yourself and mask your actions everyone is in a position to line you up on the Moral street and indignity road.The start calling you a bad role model and wolf in sheep skin…and they are the same who can not secure a lunch today on a mere act of asking for kindness sake.

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