Tuesday, 30 April 2019

The Downfall of Man From God Designed by Women

The downfall of Man from God
designed by women

Why has the Destruction of man to be because of women..
Does God really hate women..?

I was getting furiously frustrated by the idea how comics say death is the next big thing... and how they desire winning and retirement in peace by death.. I looked at celebrities and politicians one of the people who really fear death...and leaving all their wealth in foreign accounts where even their children neither lawyers do not know.

Because of women God told Adam to leave Eden and would die, hard work and all the worst things which were signed by a gentleman's agreement...
But one, only one thing God did not touch...LONG LIFE ...That was the First mistake..
Women designed and affected men ..

Monday, 29 April 2019

The First Trial to Orchestrate Kenyan Rebellion by Politicians for Their Gain

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The First Trial to Orchestrate Kenyan Rebellion By Politicians for their Personal Gain.

The main agenda behind too much borrowing against stealing everything 

It is good knowledge for leaders to know what tools they have under their belly and what can work for them and not...
But when it comes to politicians it feeds their ego to know people will fight against themselves for the sake of our people kind of leader. 
It adds more weight when politicians realize the people can fight against themselves when they are hungry..but fight together against an enemy who would confront their peace or homely discourse or non-unity.

And this is what fascinated the telecoms giant Safaricom CEO Micheal Joseph to even come up with the Phrase Kenyans are peculiar ..
the peculiarity is the current government confidence and has led to uhurus too much borrowing and extensive stealing by everyone and anyone who can...knowing only too well that;
If the debt got too high and the Chinese wanted part of our resources as payment guarantees....that then the country would start to go into chaos...

And with that knowledge what has Uhuru done...

*They the first family’s Odinga, Mois, Kenyatta orchestrated a rebellion by:*

1: Bought into all major and minor milk producers...
2: Bought all major banks and merging with others note Mpesa included...
3: Bought major media companies and reporting daily theft in government by incomers.
4: Pushed Kenyans further by Registering them to a new number and ugly knowledge tender offered to OT MORPHO same election rigging company.
5: Same time went ahead and added taxes to fuel...and food
6: Then they introduce housing income tax
7: Then they leave to China again for more borrowing hoping it all gets bad and uprising against government or rebellion to the system.

Friday, 26 April 2019

A good African Handshake,not the Gloved Queen, can Change a Life

What are or is Handshake?

Various types of Handshake

Sweet Strong and long African Handshake: the art of Body contact through hands as an honest way of greeting and acknowledging a person.

Politicians have perfected the art of faking and making up handshake to lure citizens to believe they have a mutual understanding, and through it the make dirty under table dealings that end up affecting People and future generations.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

What,Where,and Who is Music

-What is music
Emotions expressed with Melodies and Beat.
-What makes music ,
Made  by need for expression by talking in understandable tongues in tune.
-What is Music to a Listener,
Confirmation of Ecspressions, or acceptance of singers speech.
-What is Music to a Vocalist,
Tool of speech, expose of soul , delivery of feelings ,Record of events or memories.
-What is Music to a Producer,
Arrangement, expressions and retirement of ideas.
-Where can you Find Music,
From Nature, Patterns of Beats, Sounds, Words, Dreams or from People.
-Who has the most Music,
People in discomfort, in lack or Need.
-What exhausts Music
Having Enough, growing old ,Death of life.
-Children Music
Repetition and  Learning
-Youth Music
Celebration and Trial
-Adult Music
Progression and Reflection
-Senior or Old People Music

The Unexposed Extent of Destruction of White Man the Homeless Albino Offspring

The unexposed extent of destruction of white man the homeless albino offspring of the Black Man.

Why do we call them [white albinos] Homeless, because CANADA was INDIANS and so was USA before white system.[Indians , Chinese, Arabians are not albinos}
North america was not theirs too, Neither was Russia nor Africa. The true home of the white man was Africa with their Black moms where they were born as Albino kids and since they were believed to be cursed which still remains, they were chased from homes and later they came to unite and design a system to diminish their ancestors and conquer Home with weapons. The white Children’s and current adults do not even know why the system favors white albinism than Black origins.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Dead People and Many Injured is Good Business for Capitalist Governments and Media

If you have not yet noticed ,wish to let you know.

It would be unbearable by major capitalist governments and leading capitalist media going by ,with a whole week maybe almost a month passes by without a nice splash of blood, yes Human Blood, most preferably by Burning people alive in orchestrated accidents or a nice suicide bomber headline of Breaking News.

It is important to learn to differentiate the words they use mostly when reporting the BROKEN NEWS

ATLEAST 30 Dead [curiousity fo more}
OVER 100 Injured { an expression limiting truth}
Nearly 10 {exergaration]
One of the most {no much need to relate}
The Only {Truth}

That head line sells and media companies like Time Warner or say CNN <BBC<RT<AJ<ABC<and you could name all of them ,Makes  use of that to attract a good curious no of viewers oh idle viewers who are more potential customers of fake products ,thana documentary of making a good one.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Self Reflection

Just before I Wander off into Vanity
AS Notre Dome rebuilding offers are streaming in as offers to stone and glass but nothing for the yellow vests..that aside?

I consider me not very wise not bright and not a genius, but something has become evident in my life time of mid-youth or mid-aged.

I have realized a few miracles and things that cannot be explained.In myself, I struggled a lot in school to master a simple maths solution and I still do,I see many obstacles in things I do the first time unless I really have the inner drive to venture into them..’’

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Mndinyo-Willy Pauls Song Hallelujah of Blasphemy and Twerking


Remember the VIDEO… She said it should be called Mndinyo I say you did just what He [Willy wanted}
And ETHIC and ALL new Gangs know it so well.
If you come from, live or ever lived in the ghetto this post is not for you, you already know whatever I will say.
If you have ever worked continuously and not get paid you also know what it is to play rough. if you have ever lost everything you ever worked for, then you know the fair do not exist or are just to rare for everyone.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Drivers the True Decay of Human Culture

Drivers the true decay of human culture

Some say its every child’s s dream .you can call it a boy child ultimate achievement.when you are young the most important thing is to have drivable thing...but the vision and desire gets diminished as you grow older especially if there is no car in the home you grow up.
Unlucky few also get to never enjoy the luxury or rather necessity even when it is available due to the African tradition of hierarchy of what who occupies where when.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

The future of Gaming in Warfare Transport and Treasure hunting

The future of Gaming in Warfare Transport and Treasure hunting

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There is no risk if your child is interested in Pc mobile or even PS or all upcoming modes of Gaming.
The best short and help to give them is a chance to study well and acquire simulation games which have future viability in the markets of the future.

The highest possibility in driving simulator 
Is the chances driverless vehicles are bringing. Trucks and cars like uber and bus will need digital trainers monitors and guiding .Only those who have that kind of knowledge will guide and contribute in coding and remote assistance.

Future soldier will be a robot and hardly will humans will go onsite or war-zones.
Its becoming harder to ruer man to extremism and all war soldier are a kind of extremism.

Those who have involved themselves in hunting and exploration games have a good idea what it actually takes on the ground and digitally locating a subject.
Treasure hunting in games is equally same as real life treasure hunting. 
You can guarantee your children a spot in such and tour guiding in realistic maps obtained from gaming pros.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Nipsey Hussle story

His history

#NipseyHussle Shot 

The black homeland code exposed again

Dead on 31/3/2019

Age 33

street 60

Shot 6 times

Killed at the end of March

what the code means is killed at 33,on 3rd march on 31,6 times.

33,3,31,6 add up whatever you wish its just how it is.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Where and Why did all the hatred From White To Black begin

So Where and Why did all the hatred From White To Black begin 

Now i will cut to the chase just for you mama land earth.
Whites {albinos} And black war
This war was not engineered intentionally like it might seem...But the whole truth was the secret best kept many years by black-man.real African.
The real story is only revealed little by little but something hinted to me by elders and my own grandfather got me researching.
How could customs and culture of children of Israel the chosen of God lead to this much war of Race in color?

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