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What really Makes a Woman

Why God made women to love lies

The one main fact is because they feel the next place is always better and they can make the other place other than home more comfortable.

They never get old even in their brains they think they are young even though they say I am too old for that.
If you utilise that and always make them young the will love you.

If you have no woman friends this is what you do not know...
This also is ways of winning a woman’s s heart...
Women love lies... women love instant gratification...give them now and they follow you... if you want one to be truthful and mean... if you want many lie to them...

Women love people who tell them they can do it all alone ...but will be helped to do everything. 

Women think makeup makes them look good...that wearing naked is the future and that they are weak and require help also that heavy work is for men.

In truth a woman forgets easily and withstands pain better... a woman is a stronger species and all they do is think and believe lesser of themselves, this is a secret that enables glorifying a woman win their hearts...
That is why it is important to tell women how important they are because they always forget the last time you said it...

Any woman wants fast food than strength food which would last longer while being beneficial to the daily chores and well-being health of the body...the spirit of a woman was made that way by God so that they are dependent.

Promise them a studio photo shoot or a magazine story a star event and night party a fictional VIP treatment or a travel trip you will have them drooling and dreaming. Fantasy and feel are important to women than what is and can actually be. A woman by herself hardly feels important and respected constant complement and appraisals bring their happy hormones high.

Women do not like walking unless it is to the car...plane or ship and train station. Facilitating their movements by whatever means even if it means borrowing makes them feel cared for and important.

They love magic, luck and things that come easily and that works for them. To win a woman's heart is easy if you can find her standards... women just like birds pick too much and love security..if you can provide those add fun and music...they can bear any pain.

Women are never in a hurry, if you want them to feel good never be in a hurry and make their arrangements last as long as they wish.

The perfect man is a man who can lie best... a man who can promise and a man who evades truth easily... the dictionary of women does not have  FUTURE OR TRUTH NEITHER REALITY OR WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

If you want to sell to women exaggerate and lie.
Include food offers or free services ...make note of their body improvement and how they will end up looking.

A woman wants best now later bad....

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