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The White Supremacists Plans for Crumbling Chinese Companies

The white supremacists plans to execution of crumbling Chinese companies.

The system that is white nationalist has not been born yesterday. It has been there setting American policies who to attack and who is good for them.
America was only found in element of surprise by China. China literally planned new frontiers overnight and executed all of the strategies concurrently in the morning and there was nothing the nationalist could do.

After major wars…the Asians planned to arise against America and British kingdoms by first adding population .but that is the smallest of the overnight plans.
While Russia was finding weapons America was harvesting fuel and gold in African countries. Before they quenched their thirst the next china installment was on place and the started low cost manufacture of products. America thought it was a good idea using Chinese labor force and that is the next mistake the nationalist and supremacists did.

By mere chance Chinese passed laws that if you tweaked overall look and design of a copyright it was legal to copy originals. Where impossible china was already armed with hacker who had been training for years to attack America through cyber coordinated attacks and hack into the largest design vaults, steal ideas and resell them as hostage data.

While America was trying to come to terms with hackers china was already manufacturing the stolen ideas and the best of creative’s were finding their ideas already to old by midday.
Chinese fake cars phones and copy machinery is mere joke to state what was happening .caterpillar iphone , rockets and robots all were affected not forgetting the movies industry .the hackers left no stone unturned.

Now this the America nationalist and supremacists terrorists joined the Russians and day two of planning was under ,while youngsters were being fed with money and bitch hip-hop songs they knew that another Obama would only stall America terror programmes and give China over standing chance to rise over everyone.

So the plan was to install an old idiot and billionaire who had no care for morals but just business in the morning all the way. The plan was to ouster all Chinese  companies and ban all products by the mere fact of cheap and fake tags.

This whole Russia collusion was orchestrated long ago to blind major human beings from noticing the war against the overnight tech superpower.

This will not stop and before you realize it America and Russia will be at war with anyone against them and joined to china lending Hand.

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