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The Truth about Mankind Civilisation Division Religion and God

The truth about Mankind civilisation division religion and God.

The earth was for long one just as the story  of Pangea and the son Peleg and Joktan
In Genesis 10, two-thirds of the way through the genealogies of the post-Flood patriarchs, we read in verse 25:
To Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.
The same phrase, ““for in his days the earth was divided”,” also appears in the repetition of this genealogical entry in 1 Chronicle 1:19.

The truth about human kind division started in the days of Noah's flood and his sons all the way to Abraham and the generations

The major division of races has continued to grow erupting as people multiply and feel themselves special better and closer to God.

And the sons of Noah and Abraham have continued the same races to today.
The truth about Before ground earth subdivides all human were African as the bearer continent currently identifies and for the reason of current reference and future conversation, we see that former land mass-based in Africa.

The division of land also created man splitting man into religion and races
The original Israel true African spirit man was son of Noah generation of Abraham of course original people of God.

But something went really wrong and with popular of man so cane believes and self-love in terms of selfishness.

As people became lovers of themselves they subdivided and created MEN OF GOD  by the feel of favouritism speciality and created the first main three religions and dislocation of man from mother continent.

And the first regions were Jews, Islam and independent.E ver since then the original Levite the signage of David the Africa inhabitants have been subdividing themselves thinking that they are better and closer to God. Though being true the unfair treatment of fellow Africans by Africans is due to selfishness and greed.

All that reigns Africans is greed and self-hate. The thought of caring for each ones own.

All the other races have despised Africans even though they are might and able their greed overcome they love for each other.

The saddest of all truth is that white man was an African from birth CAST OUT DUE TO COLOR BELIEVED BY AFRICANS TO BE CURSE AND A WEAKER MAN.
The Africans do not have anything but everything including God but even Him they have forgotten to talk and seek Him.

They are conquered by everyone who can plan the smallest of tricks against them because greed is blind.

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