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People Like We

People like we.
I get hurting that there is too much unfair people.
I tell people not to expect such kindness as they do to others,yet again forget and expect favours from human kind.

Am not sure when was the last time i saw an act of kindness from actual people, for truly benefit of  solely me... and got me shocking my cousin( kwani (exclamation)what kind of friends do you have?)
I sat on those words and wondered to myself ,got even shy that i wouldn't answer, for it sounded like am truly lost...and because its true i actually do not have anyone i can depend on.

I have personally created enemies and automatically gained some through nature.

I press play on my devices most times and bury myself in roots  music trying to dig into some kind of bliss.

I presume that ill get well soon and gain true friends but it has been these way for the last 14yrs.

I have been bullied,played on because of my Gentleness and there is nothing i can do .it only requires more of me to be gentle even at toughest of times.

The one person i have ever thought real honest and actually speaks in tongues for me is same one  who actually betrays and says falsehood in my absence ,yet when am around i get compliments that i am honest.

There is no place for people like me.
We trust God ,do good to friends and enemies.we are good cultured uneasily tempered ,dedicate ourselves to good of others,work without complain only need basic of things,and hate revenge.

We get easily ignored and pass by because everyone else feels or think we get by well everyday.
People expect us to apologise but arent willing to do same unto us.
We still survive ,somehow.

part b
That might never be

Yes every one wants an #NP
Ok maybe just those of us who are artists about music.

I have #sleepless nights,i have developed #stomach #ulcers and knocked on every good #label i feel could #produce my #breakthrough record.
Its no wonder i listen to myself and love my work and feel #compelled that am better than few bees.
But then again its no #competition its just a chance request.

My friends #despise me,my family feels am lost ...#God has turned his face since i have #proclaimed my faith ,that i will wait his will be done.
#heaps of paper work lyrics and files of studio ready material fills my shelves. Many of you dont even have 5ooo hours put in.

My sisters says .....when you can tear the ground,you walk alone further ....the weak ones get help because ,,they cant!
Mind you these is suppose to encourage me.
Am going home on a bus and takes one hour me its not enough to write all the things ive done in the #name of music.

they say if its #concerns you you find time ,,,yes i have found time i get it everytime.i head everywhere there is hope for my music and its not proved worth my while as at now.
#courage i am those #rare #species that do not give up .
I believe #tomorrow is always better.

I also know WE #RELEASE A 999 #perfect records BUT THE 1000th #dummy one makes a hit and everyone says these man is bad.

Yet when you #compare all that is #vanity.because now you cant jump like then....and now they call that WHEN YOUR TIME COMES.

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