How Whites are killing the last breed of true Africans and colonizing seamlessly

How Whites are killing the last breed of true Africans and colonizing seamlessly

While you are having a good time basking in you career that is the first ever future colony.
The next colony was to harvest genius children and talented people through vague school sponsorship abroad.That is where they end up being trained to work on systems not in their countries and that means those bright Africans end up working abroad.
Now to the business of the day,the third take over of true breed of Africans.Those who have
ears and years have noticed it is easy to corrupt a ghetto child or a city uptown or downtown born children.But it is not the same for a Country man.
For a long time the white nationalists and suprematists have failed to take over Africa because the country man has been self sufficient from day one .those who care to follow know that anyman who has food water and shelter is not easily deceived.

But that is not gonna work for long or maybe anymore,Look at your LAKES,WATER SOURCES,CROP FIELDS,AIR BOUNDS,perhaps you have not noticed the GREENHOUSES for your veggies and fresh produces,oh have we already forgotten the MILK COW,and the INJECTION CHICKEN.

Oh,Am I racists? Did I invent the GREENHOUSE? All of these methods are great or maybe alittle bit,but lets look at how the colonizers have been able to penetrate the Uncorruptable .By the LAKE the have gon to the labs and designed HYACINTH yes the night runner weed that needs not fertilizer not watering.It just keeps on spreading and it also kills Fish eggs and overtakes breeding hides sites for water reptiles and fish.

Yes the Have also luckily designed the best attack for the COUNTRYMAN on the CROP fields,now in a number of ways it is not possible for a farmer to grow anything,without fertilizer,insecticides and allittle fake drip rain,or more even. 

The first designed and Ant then a flying bee that pollinates crop disease while doing the God pollination.If you visit normal fields all crops don’t grow past knee high and all requires chemicals to even reproduce.

You chicken just got botched,and you lucky city cant help eat you some old good mama chicken breats.Those too are feed in a tube and drink from the bathtab of multiplication chemicals to maximize business mans profits.Did I have to tell you that too?

people still
You Blacks are too greedy instead of embracing natural herbs you have even started growing cannabis in the lab and greenhouse,just when you realized it heals cancer.where will your 420 find or take you.You will end up smoking covefefe

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