How to Make a honest of fake Living in Kenya

From day one money is second from God when you are born.considering you are automatically a family member.
Dedicating a child is even taken to a few levels by women and some cultures by giving money offerings or making a child to Hold money to bring money lack in future life.

I have heard many requests to discuss my experience with moeny and related issues .
Money is sweet, it makes this easily accessible. Money is Honourable and most people even without education or earlier social status ccan be respected by acquring money.

There are many ways of making money, i will start with the worst and head to the best and Gods purpose and ways of righteous money making.

Borrowing money.
Joining alshabaab or isis
Worshipping certain powers.
Killing human beings
Buying hindu magic.
Corrupting public funds.
Selling inheritance.
Getting a job.
Using a talent.
Waiting on God will.

I will now share how i know and understand each means of making money.
As a security systems designer and engineering works,i have come across various figures in Kenya and abroad who have made some good money, lots of money and excessive money.

I have also had the previlege of interacting with ghetto people and the poorest of side walk sleepers, beggers and street kids.

I have also seen luck working among selected of humans and some how it arouses or raises spirits humans more than anything else.

Borrowing money to say is common you can walk to abank like kcb barclays equity coop bank safaricom mpesa and many other upcoming money lenders. The only cosequence is that you have to pay back more that you were given .

Stealing is a balance act as many like to consider because banks steal anyway and rich from the poor so it is no shock it happens. the cosequence is when you get caught you are killed or jailed.

Joinig islamists is the most popular easy way currently some even claiming my a mere fact of worship to allah you get pay.I disagree but can not disqaulify. the consequence is death

Worshipping sea eveil and various powers boughtt from wichtes to medicine men and future seers is also popular too quick fix people this kind of money is actually highest in consequence and in relation to the cost of offer children family members or offering blood sacrifice to the super powers. some even cause public accidents of roads sea or air to payback.the cost is extremely high.

Killing a human is one of the easiest ways to get God angry but also get rich. You can kill and get paid or collect money or hijack a tender or job or even occupy a land. By any measure of religion, killing is left to God and government surely you will also die.

The Hindu the asiansor what they are have a unique kind of power i will cover and discuss in a new next post.

 All the rest are open like a book and anyone person has easily met a person or correcting talent or will of God.

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