Hoping in Unseen Substantiates Faith Fear so Not Death

Hoping in unseen substantiates faith Fear not death

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Faith is a substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
Once you believe and all things shall it be.
Twice by faith you walk to never fail.
Just like white Jesus is said or quoted faith like a mustard seed can move a mountain.. the basis of any human evolution is by believe and that is a cause of faith..

Faith is not made up but it is an inner glowing when a man is determined to achieve something of travel on a journey.

Future is but a dream and most
people fear death because their faith is that by living forever is living happily ever after.

Any man who desires to live in happiness knows and understand in death you achieve perfection.the fear of death is mainly pain since many deaths are related to a certain painful experience.
Unfortunately, it is not advertised that death is not always painful nor is death end of life.

The mystery of life is known only by the creator and that is why the death of the body is surely known by the carrier but the journey of soul spirit and character is hidden forever there after.

Even though many people are making inventions to preserve the human body there is no possible or close idea of where the true breath of spirit goes or is even stored.

For that reason, man is ever in darkness and searching for livity of self.

Just like Man had devised many ways for keeping and preserving items money and food the life of any seed or body or soul of man the true spirit of the Almighty creator Has a home a bank where it is perfectly stored. But in the case of God, not even man can decipher what really happens.

For any person who desires to know their fate, it is easy, as life has and always will be there is no end of a good or bad thing. There is nothing new under the sun because all that is seen has always been.

The writers of the Koran and the Bible has proven that since in life there was always a man who had more of everything that man has ever wanted or would ever want.

Most lived ,most powerful most wise,most shrewd,most powerful,stopped the sun,added years turned to stone ,turned to animal..raised from dead..talked with God,Dreamt best,Saw visions ,rescued by animals,lived in and with animals,best singer, most beautiful that even angels of God desired man never died, born of virgin, most wealthy, just about anything is recorded .

The perfection of man is only obtainable by death or finding something never had and asking God the almighty creator to do it so that all of mankind has never been.

Faith and believe remain drivers of all man desires and thinking.

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