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Blacks are too Greedy and they Strangle Black Employees in all Possible ways.

Black is too greedy blacks strangle employees

You can flag this and act like am evil but till we accept the reality we will not heal these wounds.
Being black was my first agony knowing am black is my second demeaning achievement.
But I lost myself when I knew what it means to be black in a black country led my black greed wolves who are our fathers moms sisters brothers and closest of family members ,even if it means black community family ,famous 'Nyumba Kumi".

Its only in black and African countries you will see the highest of rises and no known builders . The investors make sure the fundis are hardly compensated yet the black billionaires will hire foreign contractors and pay them in foreign dollars in time and expensively.
There is no blacks country where the local builders are compensated for their work ...
These black investors are always claiming bad economy but in truth, they know they are killing their people and supporting the white supremacists ideas of finish the black races by poverty and disease.

Black people are like black women who hate fellow women because they are black .ever since i have heard history it is the white man who rewards good work and trustworthy.
The black people don’t have any reward system that works Grammys Nobel music awards books films science name them...
The most black people have is hating on each others talents disgracing those who make music films and comedy glorifying shitty Americans.

Africans or black people in general are too talented that its not surprising ing when a person comes up with ideas yet use that against the same people and discriminate. White people applause every little thing idea or discoveries and make inventors become motivated.

When you get employed by most black owned companies they rob you compensation deny you good remuneration force you work overtime without pay and squeeze every single energy for your self so that you cannot have time to do your own tasks.
The same companies owners will keep on strangling your neck to give every little thing you have till you reinvest what you even do not have in their companies.
They don’t let you enough time to be with your family and are always demanding you attend to their businesses .if they give you leave is mostly not paid and if paid they make sure you are fully on call assisting on tasks even on your free family time... if you become resistant you are replaced and nothing is a big deal.

Black employees are hardworking and unlike the 4.5 days Americans working system the black companies demand you attend Monday to Saturday some even including Sundays. And they tell you that is commitment and dedication.

The white africans adopt killer white collar jobs and finish the black races all by themselves and making sure they start with family....

Its shocking the white men advocates that the first rule of running a successful company is not employing FAMILY, then they tell you no handouts or patting back is corruption...

Yet when we look to any other people like Chinese Americans britons or even Indians who have the biggest of companies are run by a family or very close trustees... 

Black leaders who are men corrupt their own country men to hunger and disease...all the failed systems is prove of how black run systems are marred by greed.
Black people sell their countries parastatals to foreign share holders and expect everything to be fine with their families...

The money the sell goes to their foreign accounts and the foreign lends them the same  money and invests the rest in the respective countries.
The biggest athletes are africans who are black and even after winning they end up being robbed awards and money by fellow country men leaders...

All the aid African countries receive from foreign is money hidden in foreign banks by African leaders who are black.

There is no black people country that is standing on its feet with technology infrastructure and food security because the small is by loan and rest is poor or foreign owned.

It is hard to imagine the government with 400 mps county assembly with 300 senators 
47county governors 1000 mcas who are robbing and raping their own economy allocation funds and sleep and drink like they are righteous in their gods eyes. Yes, but they are since they go well anyway.

There is no cure for black men countries except recolonisation and getting put in concentration camps till they ever have a brain.

Its a big shame in the 21st century no black people country can be proud of eliminating poverty and hunger without loans or dependence on colonial masters...and they have not even don it anyway.

We are foolish and white inside we claim we are closer to gods and God but in truth, we are mistreating fellow blacks till white people come in between to clean up our own airwaves.

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