Revisiting 'The Good art of Vocal Delivery

Vocal delivery

Music is amazing because it fills anyone's brains and gap in the heart. 
But the way they receive it is by how well an artist is able to prove he has experienced what he or she is talking about.

Just like any industry music requires experience...but they say talents are from birth.Most people singing or vocalizing do not like to be told you need to work on you delivery.

The art of vocals delivery is special here because one artist rarely works on their song from start to finish..till they are much older and all a lot of relations and lessons on various skills.

 When we say that song is great on vocals need to listen to these various variations ,,,, writing, guitar ,trumpet,artist mood

1. Guitar riffs
When its time to record any artist can ride a riddim or instrumental that they have listened or wrote a song to very well and it gets done and becomes a hit.
But a skillful artist does not do just that..
Every instrument in music is a meditation by an artist who played it.for that reason all instruments require to be complemented and also given a chance to say what they are saying.

When you hear a guitar riff at the start of a song you cannot overshadow it you must know when to come in and when to pause.
Guitar riffs mostly come after end of verse into a chorus or in the verse to express emotions.
when riffs are in a chorus it is easy for an artist to hype the song...and this is the source of most inspirations.
when riffs come in a verse it means that its a better chance for an artist to express emotions in the song.
learn how to ride with riffs.

1b..Rock guitar or Spanish acoustics
They need time and you cannot sing into it unless you are Mexican ..otherwise for normal artists and normal songs this is a chance to listen to the song instrumentals and deeply meditate on the theme of song. example Ryan -I remember 
listen to the rock guitar 'tew tew' whenever it comes what he does.

when songs are written avoid too much stories.and concentrate on the thing you wanna say.a good artist dose not hold on the theme but says it early because no one has all the time always to hear what you wanna say.people want hear what you are saying then they can listen to your story later.example Capleton - Acres listen to what he wrote talking about the herbs from the start.

3.Trumpet or sax
Just like whistling the trumpet says things you would only say with you mind or shouting.but since in the studio there is no shouting we express our feelings through the saxophone or comes in between chorus lines and mid or start of a song instrumental.
 Sax is the best chance to tell the emotions of artist ant its important to say something of great interest when it blows.

TO perfect the art of delivery always overshadow the sax or trump with humming or breaks.say words before  example Terry Linen- Bet You Didn't Know 
listen to the chorus words and the sax

 4.Artist mood
Here its about what you do to tell the listener what you wanna say and my best examples is glen Washington or Richie spice who have perfected the art of humming.
Even before you listen to their songs you mostly will be doing ananananana this is one art of saying what is your mood.

the next way of mood association with vocals delivery is ..simply relaxing in the booth or no booth and being your zone do not think about your money problem or people or the beat..listen to your heart and coming only when you must because the late great  AVICII is one who perfected the art of only saying one word in a whole three minutes. and just being extra clear.

yes  that is all..only if you apply those dow we call you a skilled artist in vocals delivery.


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