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Kenyan Thirsty Engineers who Builds with broken Whiskey Seals


8:45 AM (3 minutes ago)

to me
Kenyan thirsty engineers who build roads only by broken whiskey seal.

Ask me where do all the engineers go? I say well to the club,with their cool Lexus 4.6s and range rovers future models 
bought with small cut off from the unfinished pedestrian walkways.
They gracefully drive to spend the next whole night having some roast meat and conc of all spirits ok well whiskey and those bitter poison ...yes because recently they have just realised beer make the belly big but sadly,They are in a confusing situation because the same belly makes them get mhesh treatment in the malls and offices where graduates cannot get a pass throughby the same guards who maxed out at class 8 and form 4.

Give a man rest he sleeps but you provide comfort and his struggles are forgotten... all the Chinese invading our country in construction is because no one engineer can complete a road let alone even pavement and first deposit is sent to the club 'denis' .

The thirst in this Mr belly 'oh  mr smile and wave I wonder how they feel in their graves' is not filled in spirits or better so whiskey, even a crate of whatever alcoholic drinks do not satisfy their unheard of thirst having some lass nyam college 5 foot who call themselves haki zetu naked movements.

Trust me the drink is one pain why gardeners become engineers wife service tool.. and further more the desperation is not even healed by the thought of dead dreams of great highway interchange they promised university lecturers they will build.

You are cursed and your only healer died with the antidote... please teach your children just so we can have some tomorrow real dreamers.

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