Sunday, 24 February 2019

Global Warming all Foreign issue not Africa

Global warming is real and its effects can be felt but everywhere else except africa,and our equivalent continent South America.
Trust me or not i have no ties to trump nor any sponsorship from their friends.
On the contrary i have a new revelation ...

Come to my home land kenya example africa...

The biggest danger to human life is disease engineered by people in labs to control population or even cause extinction of black man.
The worst attacks are planned by business people to get higher returns on investments for example

Medicine and diseases
Guns for security 
Hunger for irrigation schemes and creation of manmade dams.
Unemployment for army recruitment 

Now in africa if you plan a seed it grows.if you throw a seed it does not matter location as long as you place seeds they end up becoming big trees. Or food crops.
But we have insects fungi and bacteria engineered to attack food crops.

Those earlier days black man had seers and prophets who would see great hunger before it was too dry...
On my days i have sat with my grandfather and I learn how to spot rains from his activities and i always got it right...because whenever he did a certain ritual it rained...and put tanks were replenished.

In africa we dont have extreme cold or extreme sea levels or extreme winds or sunshine... the continent was perfect set for human life to exist.

Everything works well in its season in this place and nothing is misplaced .

In Africa it is easy to turn jungle desert greenlands semi arid and deserts into forests. The continent allows for all trees and plants to grow if only man puts effort.

I do mot disqualify everything white man brought because in the place of firewood and charcoal ,gas can safe guard forests but mining activities end up bring deforestation.

Every single day asia the japans china europe russia or even Americas there is a natural phenomenon that pushes mankind to the limits...
No matter what or how they destroy our water plants and air the continent seasons remain the same and sometimes better considering amount of trees and destruction applied mining copper gold and oil.

The biggest problem to global warming is the urban settlement which was designed 300yrs ago by blacks in America and Europe .

The original african settling did not have concrete jungles and covering green with dry stones.
Activities of our current generation do mot care and balance livelihoods for everyone but only a few tenderpleneurs and goverment employees who can root public funds or get free loans good allowances or enter into military.

Road network is great but it is one great contributor of deforestation that is why mankind has less rainfall and less tilling land... less grazing plains and less playing grounds ofcourse even our prayer and sacrifice places which were made to look like blasphemy to white man jesus and the darkness of evil of all badness.

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