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Africans,Reject White Aid and Genius to Foreign Sponsorship

Africans, reject white aid and genius to foreign sponsorship 

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The white supremacy gather of bright Africans through sponsorship of education is the slave of 20th and 21st.

Black and this case also most Africans originals have been doing slave work and sending money home.

First, they put measures and strategies to capture geniuses, artisans, technologists and other top of class bright people.

Then they convince their mind that they should get sponsorship for education to study better even where there are better schools locally.

Once the people accept they put them on planes give them houses to stay, a part-time job and from then they are put in comma and they never realize till they are older.

If luckily all things worked to the way of causians advantage the black male get a white woman and thereby marry and cunningly are given citizenship thus eligible to all and inclusive living abroad.

The ladies are given white boyfriends quickly and are married or made pregnant before they know it the are permanent residents of the land of dreams.

For those that make it through and desire going back home, it is not over ...those like Kofi Annan Ngugi Wa Thiongo and millions have been married to white women and thus how they forget their quest to educating the fellow Africans.

The biggest trick is those who go back to Africa and settle are given alcohol and constant consultation fee and that way they have a steady income and forget their core education and knowledge wise the people become useless drinking comfortable geniuses...

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