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Story of One man trying a hand in music

|| Vocalist II Lyrics writer ||
|| Music Performer. || Beatbox & Bass Arranger.
|| HypemastersEnt Artist. || @Ecspedition Socialnet || 
Ecspedition is Kenyan, born [1988,December 18th) Ezekiel Mwangi Karanja,
in the village of Bahati Nakuru county.The name ecspedition comes from expedition
which he gave himself with the intention of talking about his journies of adventure
in life reflected in the music that he was writing.Earlier his friends had named
him KJ ,later kJien Lorenzo a character in the merchant of venice love and poetry
set book in kenyan syllabus.

He is christian bred and also Hails rastafari culture and identifies
with the ashe ites grey.With sleek high pitched
sound of Garnet silk,Sean paul..and smooth delivery which also compares
to that of Luciano.

Ecspedition has gained mileage with the fans of the late Silk or the living
jah messenger.He recorded his first song in 2003 in cassette 'God knows' which
was later re-recorded in 2011 at Vineyard records by Producer Kelly introduced
to him by the veteran sing-jay and kick boxer priest,whom he met through a music
shop-vender called Ras maich.He later decided to go for a new production company
due to the earlier song doing poorly with his an matured delivery skills and
record and mixing issues at the earlier label.

In the year 2012 he relocated permanently in the capital Nairobi and there
found Ras Kago a radio show host for late afternoon reggae classics and introduced
him to his record label .There they made a Gentleman's agreement to record an
album consisting 8 songs and these is where the name expedition first came out
.but due to fast growing internet similar names he decided to change the name to
  During a homegrown reggae show in 2013 he met Hypemasters a sound system and record label that he met during the live performance along side artistes like ras Lyon hart ,Donteh,Lyrical
ill, Brucho,Sergio, Badscar. With them he recorded various songs among them 'pretty woman'
'standard procedure''though I never' 'woman nuh complain' 'Hold on' and fairly popular
'police in the streets'. being a studio releases neither of the songs went large either on
downloads or radio considering the hardships of the airwaves being violated by the demand
of PAYOLA by theso called radio cartels..

He later went ahead to curtain raise few local shows for homegrown reggae
one of the most successful being in 2014 where Robbo ranx Zj Heno Selector mickey
jones and the sojourners reggae band were playing and headlining the show too.
In the coming year with little success to music studios not signing him embarked on a solo home studio recording sessions and recorded a single dub album 'Who am i,
worlds mistake' .

During this period hyme=asters came back to him with a riddim that they wanted him to work on and n 2016 he recorded 'things i never had' and later Shot a video.The song was released on world market through Itunes , amazon and Juno downloads to mention but a few.

The year 2017 he went in to promotion of the single and voicing dupblates
for shashamane intl .With live interviews on Y254 tv and perfomance along side artistes like Kago,Donteh,LYrical ill,brucho,Sergio,badscar and among king shiloh black omollo and ras Lyon hart again at homegrown at jukwaa lounge 2018 is looking better while is back again to studio
and market research .

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Who Am I,Worlds Mistake?

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