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Lessons from music industry as a Vocalist

Lessons of music as a vocalist.

If you ever try something new in studio and sounds different and difficult know thats what it takes to make  change ...and that is what that is different..

Ten thousand hours is when u actually make it

If you feel discouraged by people views about you all in it do not know what you are or want to do...
Every output is a learning,process,and growth till you die... Or be successful.

If people younger than you are not wowed by your hardly doing anything....different.

To make  things understandable 
It's important to exergerate. physical xstics and known properties... 

To maintain interest and attract need to display with actions vary tone and create movement of whatever nature..

To make people trust you and have faith in you ,you need to deepen your voice when expressing very important presentation....while involving people with yes answer questions.

Just like an athlete or a race car on the race will notice that cars are over-reved and athletes jump around and do short quick dashes.. ,musicians also require warm .
It is standard routine and good habit for any equipment whether vocals,the mouth or running the feet to pre-prepare shortly just before a run.
here is my two censts or two sense.
To prepare a session,performance or talk in person to mic or people or live audience you need to prepare you voice... 5mins just before.. Apply wa wa wa... Bababababa...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  repeat and breath in heavily release slowly...raise your arms and breath in and lower them while breathing out.

If you want to present best ideas do not write...rather meditate and repeatedly..learn to capture the ideas in simplest for such that you would not have to refer...if you had to present them raw.

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