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Random thoughts
You cannot keep receiving rains and blocking rivers to flow to the people and expect things to be same.
Am speaking musically...
Ok i adstan it also works also in real life
But now all of you holding underground music need to know it will burst in time...on your faces and families.

And there will be nothing you can do.

Used by politicians businessmen and ranting hype gals or ballers.
But to a growing under ground artist its just another ball of smoking shit.
Even if it is a promoter trying to put your or his matters first it is abad impression.
Diamond Platnumz came to kenya on a set for Larry Madowo and said something no one ever cared about and i qoute
("tukiimba inabidii tunungunike na vile vile tuonyeshe umaskini kwa sababu hicho ndicho kile kitu watu wanapandeja kukiona na kusikiliza")
("That when we sing it is important to show poverty and lack because that is what people are going through wanna hear and love to evaluate against you")
Stop spreading rumours,tell the people your true position Shoot your videos in truth so that they can grow with you and when you will make it they can identify with you and say see he or she is truly blessed.

If you really wanna know wagwan... Freddie Mcgregor Freddie Mcgregor will tell you it was big .
it is a good promo for Kenya tourism .. Big up #jamaica large ,
A big shout out to artist who honoured and delivered on shows like
Busy Signal was here Romain Virgo Luciano Messenjah Luciano Messenjah Bob Marley Shaggy Taurus Riley Alaine Laughton Lucky Phillip Dube Glen Washington burningspearmusic Richie Spice Kenyatta Hill not in that order but history is victory.

The event promoters like Timothy Njoroge Shashamane Int'l Papa Bingi and all before that i do not recognise all who do such successful events.
It creates good mileage and a name

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