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how life has '' humbled '' me .

So what is life?

It is not you or them .
Life is not to feel pain,but to live life without pain,we have to feel pain so as for us not to cause pain to us and to others.

To enjoy life,is to be content.

But to be content we have to understand lack,hustle,and denial.

To live a happy life,we have to know happiness is not,
Blaming,not Forgetting and above all ,Hoping.
yes to hope is not happiness.
To be able to live to hope,its knowing it will happen by,hearing and trusting that the right way comes to be,only when there is no lack of or doubt in believe. 

As a musician,
I face lacking parents,
With that respect, i have lacked
Family paternal and maternal love.
I have lacked good education.
I have lost all grand parents.
For That reason i have no pats on the back that it will be well.
I have lacked good education.
I have lacked someone to believe in my weird inspiration and invention.

By being a kikuyu i have known tribal rejection in my field of art ,which is dominated by the luo.

By lacking good education, i have lacked good certification to earn a good job contract,hence a bad pay.

By lacking good recommendation from family or friends  i have few networks.

By lacking enough ground knowledge of fair working conditions, i have landed in bad working conditions.

For lacking knowledge on family matters,i married early without a good income,bringing me to living in financial handicap and self doubt.

By bearing children early,i have come to deny myself most wishes and entertainment to cater for family matters.

By lacking good income,i cannot get a good studio to produce my music and videos, not even get signed.

By lacking media connection, i cannot place the songs i have managed to record, because i have to bribe most media persons with payola to have my music  played.ok maybe even just to get me past the gate,to deliver that music.

For lacking all this things, it has caused me to not believe in christians and buildings called church.

That is my 29yrs as a man.
What have i learned.

We are not Adam or mohammed,we cannot expect no pain,perfect fairness,
Good life, happiness, sufficiency,contentment,believe and love to everyone everytime.

This is guarantee of what life will be forever to every man

Knowing pain so that we do not cause pain..

Loosing someone,so that we do not take for granted when we do not loose.

Having parents to appreciate that love ,and loosing them to know how it feels not to have those.

Having or not having education so that we can learn or not,how it feels to.

Having money and loosing to know how it feels to borrow and rather to not be able to.

Being tribe-less and having one to treat each one like same one.

Getting connected and networked so that we  can have safe land and assistance when we can not solve issues or have fun alone.

By being unable in many areas ,i have painfully learned a lot of unfairness .

At this point even if i were a president,i would know how to serve people and how it feels not to have basic things.

If i would be a radio dj,i know how it feels like to lack plays.

If have a studio,i know how it feels not to be able to access one.

If i had not married early,i would have a better chance of securing financial support for me and future family.

If my dreams would have worked easily,i would not know how it feels to be discouraged an lack support and guidance.

If i were selling a lot music and people easily listening to every one of Facebook,twitter or youtube postings,i would not know pain of lacking and doubt.

If all this and many things happened easily,i would not know what is true happiness.

And true happiness is 
Getting what and when you require,and being in knowledge you can get.
Helping when you can and not worrying when you cannot.
Being where you can without struggle .

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