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Most used Music terms by artists musicians and producers

Most people hear artists sharing music and using terms that confuse them eg  what is/are ....
Tune ,
Dub plate,
Albums, and Mixtapes

Because there are differences between them. So in this brief article I will describe each of these dictionary style.

Tune - in terms of music is the sound of a vocalist voice. it is the array of pitch,key and tone that make vocals music. tune is the unique sound of each song.

Singles- These are typically records with 2 songs max. They can contain multiple versions from clean, dirty, acapella to instrumental. These were once sold but now a days they are given to DJ’s for spins mostly.

EP- Extended Play, This is a collection of music with more than just the single but not long enough to qualify as a studio album. Estimated length that the industry gives is 25 minutes or 4 tracks. And there have been numerous double EPs released over time.

LP- Long Play, This is a collection of music that qualifies as a full album release. Usually 40 minutes or 10 tracks at the minimum. There have been multiple disc albums up to 4x released in history.

Album- What an album is today is a LP that is promoted and sold where one app or media  can keep track; also count towards a record contract to being completed.

Dub - this is king of music where producer concentrates on drums bass and vocals. The original of it can consist a full song or a plain music instruments rhythm.

Dubplate - Mostly a patwa name that has become a house hold term refers to music made to 'big up' or give the soundsystems a shoutout as promotional material even though originally it was music ment for killing sound.a topic for tomorrow.

Version - that is the computer generated music rhythm .it is the instruments mixed without vocals.

Instrumental - this is the part of music that is played musicians of instruments in a rythm.

Riddim - is basically the instrumental...but in original reggae music riddim is the beat of drums and the guitars.

 Albums are made by artists but controlled by record labels on every level; even the creation process.
Mixtapes- These have become underground albums today that are given away for free containing both original and unoriginal works. The soul purpose is to build a fan base not profit. Typically the artist is in complete control of this project so they decide the length, content, etc.

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