Blessings Sure Way to Get Yours

If you follow my Facebook and Twitter you will notice an old post i shared..a photo typed text or my long posts about is through frustation and 'sufferation' that man grows spiritually and holistic.

These are the basic ways of being rastaman i do not ask you to be like us with dread but copy and be like us in the heart.
And you surely will get a blessing and live a life full of positive.and success because these blessings follow you.

'these are my sure ways you get a blessing'

1. Work and investments

Do not pray to God that He keep people who frustrate you to see you in providence...
Release everyone and set people free they could be there longer blocking your bearing and course.

2.NAture mistakes and frustration
The hardest thing i ever had to learn was, its impossible for God to make a mistake.
Its even harder to make celebrating  or people in agony understand.
All things happen in an order of his plans or the will of the people but not surprising Him

3.Revenge and pride
Never pray for people who prey on you to gain do that they release your blessings....
Ask God to make His ways work for your glory.

4.Mother and father

If you leave Home without the mother or fathers blessing it is hard to get one on the road or the streets.
Sincerely opening my heart.

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