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How to win a grammy award or get a Grammy nomination.

I will win you know how to ?
There are many things in life to achieve but not even big artist plan or think its possible.

these ones tell you what HAPPENS i will give you how to make that happen mechanisms

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How Do You Get a Grammy?  


I have discovered the formula through a lot of research.

10 steps to how i will win my Grammy

Step 1 of 10

1.create my second and break out album.
 a.identify  a good recording studio.
2.Record master it well,very well.
3.release and market  it worldwide.
4.make a quality video for every song. 
 5.Post every Video on a good YouTube account.

step 2 of 10

1.create third album 
a.14 songs 4 solo songs

step 3 of 10

1.identify Grammy producers 
2.identify Great recording company.
3.REcord 4 of solo songs
 b.create videos
4.identify grammy award winning artist
5.find 1 to record 1 of remaining 10 songs
 b.create video

step 4 of 10

1. identify 3 other wide fan base musicians
  a. 2 guitarist
  b.1 saxophonists
  c. 3 Keyboardists
2.Rehearse and record 3 of remaining 9 songs live.
 a.create videos

step 5 of 10

1. identify 2 upcoming or 2 underground artists.
2.record 4 of the remaining 6 songs
 b.create videos

step 6 of 10

1.identify 2 of charitable and philanthropic singers
2.record 2of the remaining 2 songs.
 b.create videos

step 7 of 10

Compile audio
1.Market and promote audio 
 b. post videos to THE YouTube account. and promote video media tours.

Step 8 of 10

 1.rehearse all of the songs for live performances live performance shows

step 9 of 10

1.start working on a new project
2.compile a sophomore album of first album.

step 10 of 10 
1.release it  just before Grammy awards.


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