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The only test Mandela failed

Are you tired of feeling alone left behind and like you are the only honest person left in the world?
common it cant be harder than being in jail 27yrs everyday and night and holiday and christmas and new year.

Imagine :

We cannot be able to demand for justice ...women are using their bodies to acquire wealth,well the men are corrupting society to be rich. You might say the children are becoming thugs and criminals and wanting easy ways....but their parents payed to get exams cheat. Did you hear the other day artists claiming they have to pay  radio presenters airtime to be played....that has been a means you hardly have content compelling them to just play.

I can bet you its just a matter of chance ,and if you pass that last TEST the world will know your name.

Its not easy to be good and honest.even when you have children hungry and a nagging woman .
If you are slapped on the face with a million notes of thousands and told theres more where that came from all you need to do is fake a few documents and get the next tender,my people you cannot help trying to own that new VX V8 or the ZX for that matter.

But only the word of a true honest man stands test of money, and the next hardest test is the WOMAN,,,,,
Yes if you fail money you cannot pass the woman.they come in all shapes sizes and color,habits lifestyle love and evil,goo holy or all the other triats.
even samson solomon and our very own NELSON MANDELA did not pass that test.

STOP COMPLAIN AND GO DO SOMETHING EVEN IF ITS EMPLOYMENT<its the hardest it can be. trsut me its better to sell sweets on side of the road a president might pass by one day and notice you than getting early to work daily for someone who doesnt care.

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