Sunday, 1 October 2017

Expect a Sophomore After movie Rights (Worlds mistake,who am i)

An Umbilical song to ecspedition.
collectors version Who am i,worlds mistake award winning tune

Whats the fuss about a single from a little known country man?
Call him an industry's anonymous?
   Perhaps not,maybe yes but these is a force more than to reckon with. Hardly is airtime lend to country men on pop media and city cartels of the radio.what kills his reputation is also lack of coverage even on social platforms.sorry for you these never put the man down.

   If you think garnet silk is smooth then you wanna add that to your book of dead.These is another life lease to us by jah through these young blood breaking barriers even without the money fuss record label signings and all that hullabaloo.

From the comfort of His little hut he keeps releasing dubs since studio time in the city is anything else but cheap.

The song.
at these point you wanna play it above on the link so we can tackle the elephant in the room.
The intro takes you to a cold room In the night nearing break of dawn,without furniture and small window ,something that comes close to a prison cell . The echo tells you the four walls cannot let the vocalist have company.
There is also the idea of loneliness if not actual events due to the vocals buffer between the deliveries.

But then something happens ,just after the ease of rock guitar and grand piano,the vocalist emerges with a new lease of life probably in the break of dawn where the singer can see some light and hopes someone is listening,and you can hear the voice, the melody, the breathing and sound notes right from the stomach... to neatly cleared vocal cords.

These bridge tells you the vocalist has issues with the law,family church and government... simply because the expressions say there is no hope in the dependable or hoped for help.He goes into the verse to explain what really is wrong with how he feels about the people mentioned in the bridge.

Right after he comes in again to the chorus and lows down again just like after a painful memory journey and as if he can see the light no more or that on knowledge of no one is around.This is where we now sync with the artists story and by now we start having mind journies of war children,those left after parents dead on hunger and the toll on diseases.

By the time you are back he says i am the worlds mistake since things surrounding him need fixing and he cannot do nothing or anything about them ,because even he himself is a broken tool too.

before he comes right again chorus attack you cannot stay no more if you think you have contributed to such a system..but then again whats music about if not to cancel us.

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