Live interview with ecspedition

Live interview with ecspedition  ,the musician
Today as we hosted him on out live blogger had these conversation.

How can you describe your personality? 
Ecspedition:I keep my word,i prefer quality no matter time, even if expensive.

Blogger ;What are your weaknesses?
Ecspedition;  ,i let nature take control when others would get away with usual conditions i take my time in has been a hinder to great productions but not a limitation .since its all we can do as compensation when no one is able to value a prospective  future worth in a current product.
What are your strengths?                                                                                                                     Ecspedition ;Stage performance,great choruses and hooks. Ability to gauge a valuable item person lyric instrumental...patience in human kind trust in nature.                                                                             Blogger ;Are you really talented?                                                                                               Ecspedition;I will let the time and people decide. What i am and have will not be available in me long but in reachable people will be forever.

Blogger ;Do you have the voice for music?                                                                                         Ecspedition; I sure do.i have the voices.

Blogger How can you describe your voice, accent, and flow?                                                          Ecspedition; Mellow ,emphasis low ,African messenger.story teller.
Blogger : Can you write really good, quality lyrics?                                                                          Ecspedition I write inspiration i write what nature is talking i hardly sit down and fake a story which i cannot actually relate my lyrics.i am a story teller , i involve different generations in my language and i mostly avoid trending words.and new world English .                                  
                                                                                                                                                                         Blogger;How is your stage performance?                                                                    Ecspedition;Involving.I cant help using up the place but i never want to loose my crowd i listen to what they are saying,physical body language

Blogger ;Besides your family, schoolmates and friends, who else has admired your talent? Ecspedition;Not family not schoolmates,not friends,only strangers.                                                                                    Blogger: If you have recorded a song/album/mix-tape, how was the reception?   
Ecspedition :Not wide due to promotion and finances ties to the work.

Blogger :Did it get any airplay whether on radio or club or church? 
Radio shallow. Its not been easy reaching selectors.Club performance is highly appreciated i end up making alot new contacts of aspiring collaborators producers and fans ...these tells alot about my work .

  1. Blogger ;Are there times you feel like giving up on music and do something else? 
  2. Ecspedition;Would you live without eating?
  3. Blogger;
· Besides music, what else can you do, say, if music won't work for you?                                  
 Ecspedition; Besides music i am an electrician ,which supports my music,security systems engineer,but nothing replaces my music.

 blogger ;Why are you in music anyway? Is it;
money?                            leisure?
 desire for self expression? 
Ecspedition;really its basically and forever shall be ,for self expression.

Blogger; What inspires you?                                                                                                       Ecspedition; What i am feeling today how it would have felt  in the past and how it might feel like in future ,and how people will treat me today.                                                                                                    Blogger Who inspires you?                                                                                                              Ecspedition;Myself ,i am nuclear.i am one part of nature without me the world is incomplete.                                                                                                                                              Blogger ;Does criticism make or break you?   
Ecspedition;It makes me see the imperfections  and utilize what others have and i cannot see.

;blogger Do you believe that to make it in music is fate, hard work, luck or magic (just like voodoo or secret societies like Illuminati)?
Ecspedition It is 10% fate 50% hard work with finance  20% luck, 10% support 10% finance 

blogger ;Has any of your friends (guys you started outwith) made it in music?
 Ecspedition;Yes i have and they challenge me to work harder and connect more with the listeners part of my base building.

; blogger Why do you think you haven' t achieved your ambitions so far?
 Ecspedition;Its my connection how i express myself to relevant people in my music circles.

Blogger thoughts and advice 

If you took time to review and respond to the above questions honestly, then they might be of great help if your are an aspiring musician. The reality is that anybody can be a musician, it is nothing special. However, talented musicians are few. So talent is very crucial if you wanna be there and leave a legacy. Some artistes get "discovered" through producers, friends or relatives as they sing in their bathrooms, church choir or talent search shows like American Idol , African Idol , Tusker Project Fame among others. Some"just know" they are made for music or music is meant for them. The objective of this post is to help you re-evaluate your values and gear yourself for prospering in this most competitive aspect in the entertainment industry: music.

Know Your Path
Most talented and up-coming musicians face one major problem: lack of money. Dear artist,forget about the sponsors you are looking for in churches, internet or newspapers or well-wishers in big places who have a "heart" for young talents. They rarely happen. If you have a way of earning some money, save and invest in your talent. If no job, as it is in most cases, it is time you looked for one. Free styling all day in that jobless corner exchanging a few blunts is not gonna make you a star. This is your life. Do what you can to get that money to record that song before you lose interest and burn your rhyme book. These are not the days of 2PAC and Run-DMC, so a video is an icing on the cake for any song. Before everyone, including yourself, gets sick of listening to that single of yours, shoot a video.

Up-coming artistes often try out their talent in cheap underground labels with producers  who tend record anything as long as they get paid. Get quality music production no matter how expensive. Established studios never charge an artiste exorbitant fee only the song to end up in shelves. They consider artistes as assets that they can market to boost their companies. Let's be real: it is all business.
When it comes to video quality, anyone with a camera phone can shoot one! So it is only fair you also invest in quality video, professional editing for your song. Here is a simple pattern:

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