Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Spirits of Your Dead Grandfathers are Haunting you for Unpaid Debts

Spirits of Your Dead Grandfathers are Haunting you for Unpaid Debts


Do you find unsual “ndwari “ disease visiting your house?
Are there freak accidents and mishaps of food plates or drinking cups getting broken uselessly?
Is your family fighting abnormal unluck and struggling to get needs met?

How do you tell spirits are visiting you... getting “kwihinga” toe flick accidents small unexplained cuts and blood spills... foot aches ,back aches ,head aches Those are the undoubtedly signs of visits by dead people spirits claiming for and reminding us slowly there is unsettled scores.


You will from today never have to worry.
The people referred to as “Ngoma “or spirits of the debt are continous debt collectors... and yes you will not have peace if you have a habit of taking advantage of people... or not paying dowry,or your fathers never paid full dowry for your mothers before they died.

These mishaps suddenly will seem more and obvious but not to deceive you it is not by default or design for man to fight every evil thing.

The white people brought a system of Jesus who seemingly is “horohio “of everything with just a prayer... and since man is a lover of short cut it all seems so right and easy to do...


But lets put ourselves in a real mans πŸ‘ž... IF SOMEONE STEALS OR STOLE FROM YOU AND IT ENDS UP AFFECTING A GOOD DEAL OF YOUR LIFESTYLE, can that be fixed by you forgiving them because they went to church and prayed for jesus to forgive...


Even the white Jesus teachings to Zakayas proof that prayers do not fix anything if it is still tied in earth by people in pain. We see Jesus telling zakayas if he would like to be his disciple he would have to go and payback everything owed to everyone he took forcibly from....

That kind of a system is again shown by white jesus when he finds people who wanted to stone a prostitute and he asked the people if anyone of them had never sinned then they were free to cast stones...here we see the crowd leaving and by a mere show of forgiveness by inability to act on a wrong ...by default gave jesus power also to forgive such a woman.


The teaching here is that nothing comes from nowhere .If we go by African culture nothing is a coincidence everything is interdependent.... so if you are now convinced and able to accept ,you may and will have to pay those who are dead and owed for you to free yourself and family only then you are liberated.

To kill the fictitious custom if thinking you have to go to graves to pay πŸ’°debts. Do not be confused the debt of the spirts if dead us not paid by the grave ....those ones do not need eat or celebrate πŸŽ‰.Those debts are paid to the living,the people who bear their thrones by a fact of naming and elderly-ness qualification .

It is pure common sense for people to find mishaps as accidents and to try find easy fix but these things tied to the dead πŸ’€people debts occur to often than if a person does not adhere and act accordingly the spirits of the dead actually end up taking away a life.


Because for everything a lesson not learned a severe punishment is induced to make the examiner points be embedded firm on a candidate.

Now walk with healing and start receiving your blessings.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

There is a Snake 🐍 in Your Daughters Mouth

There is a Snake πŸin your daughters Mouth

This is the second liberation....we say to divide a nation empower a woman and to educate a people teach a woman.. it is a spell of words and so many women would want to exit now but the truth hurts.

But if you look at the words they do not say teach or empower a man,so the only left teacher and empowerer is the man.

By all divide of life it is the men who lead and women follow.this is not to be confused that women have no abilities its just that those do not come easily. 
Infact women look at each other as equal they even ask what does she have i dont same tits and same butt same virgina.

This far we see that women are equal and a woman only needs love and providence...but for those of them that are very rare and impossibly hard to change is because by nature made them, that is way whites say they have men genes πŸ§¬or testosterone .
If the people are corrupt its because a man is corrupt.if people are immoral its because a man is promiscuous.there is no place for men to claim women are evil yet the men are suppose to be lead.

In every circumstance you find a home well lead and  children with good health there is a man and a woman.if there is a country failing its because there are no men ,because men are lead and installed by God, but if on the way they start doing things of own interests and finding pleasures of life , then everyone is in disarray .
When a woman occupies a seat πŸ’Ίto lead and them men feel aggrieved ...firstly them men need accept they failed.

The πŸ 
When fathers start seeing their friends daughters as sexy and sexual tools...and when mothers start to feel that their friends sons are sexy and desire and go ahead and lure them.
The men will not get satisfied and the women cannot get filled. Their problems start when the mothers do not wanna be moms anymore and feel they have never been so naked so great,before so they wanna exploit the chance.
The men hire women for sexual predation and women fire women for sexual favors just to take the place of that young lady getting attention from all the men.

This is poison in your mouths ...that is snakes which cannot be eliminated by poisoning the snakes while in your mouths.

The intelligent way is first removing the snakes .....then we wash the mouths and start cleaning the whole community.

Remember you cannot kill your daughter if she is bitten by a snake you rescue them and start medication and cleansing.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Lee Scracth Perry And Other Genius Black People,How White Buy Out Black Genius

Chris blackwell bought and sponsored bobs albums and Lee Perry Pirated the music and distributed it for free before whites banned all the music in Britain to english sound systems and discos.
Chris Blakwell and even told bob what kind of music would be marketable but the sole reason was to kill the ras of the music.

Boniface Mwangi is a mere kenyan socialist and defender of peoples rights who has turned to a millionare tourer. He rose to fame and forgot what course he was fighting for.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Southern Kikuyu Before !903 Digital Book

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                       THE SOUTHERN KIKUYU BEFORE 1903

These,is an important unbiased primary source for social anthropologists, ethnologists and social scientists, as well as being of great value to all those interested in Africa and its history, "But most importantly to those who are struggling with medical conditions that doctors cannot cure HERE CALLED DWARI,Theones who need to understand the Ugo and MUNDU MUGO,also those who feel stripped off their culture,those who want to know the true God by african Kikuyu principles which cut across a great tribal divide from Kikuyu to Luyha the Maasai,Kamba,Meru ,Embu, or Kisii and Kalengin"

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The Whiteman Christ not God nor the Bible.

The whiteman did not come with the bible to Africa..

Neither did he introduce God they brought Christ gospel... who to question the holy Jesus the Africans.... did Jesus only roam rome? Did the disciples only be white and die in roam?
How come God only so loved the romans and yet the whole world from Peru India japan Agikuyu Luyha to Kamba have believe of the supreme God even before christ but somehow that same God favoured the romans only and did not let the others have a taste of Christ?
Why are the white folks folk stories holy to question and claim any doubt of christ is blasphemy...
Yet again it is ok to blasphemy the African God and call his servants and messengers witchdoctors practising witchcraft.?

They brought a refined way of making πŸ› tools and that was the method they were able to capture africans,and combined that folk of roman Christ to disqualify doubt of the New Testament.
The tying of a loose end happened when they combined the Old Testament of Egypt πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬to their roman New Testament.

If we say the white brought the bible we are wrong because africans way of life is what the bible talks about.

It is not possible to bring the same information to the same people who practiced and wrote it. ...you would have to have changed it and altered it...for you to convince people of something new.
And yes they had that..The New Testament of rome that jesus is son of God but Noah ,Abraham,and others were only prophets of God.

The New Testament is the only book that has white names purely as “saints” .
It is also unique that romans claim that peter and other saints used to roam preaching in roman...While by truth the romans were the ones who came to africa to conquer egypt. And actually captured the narratives and history and went to rewrite it.
It is purely confusing that most prehistoric equipment and books and manuscripts of the egyptians are kept under high security in rome.
It is also ridiculous that artifacts of great value to Hebrew Africans is kept in Europeans museums as history yet they mean purpose and business in the true owners, unlike the European admirers
If we map the truth and events of life and evolution of the bible we find that the white supremacy claims they wrote the bible... but the bible is history of hebrew africans in exile at egypt.
Then how did the white man from america and europe get hold of history and practises of Africans.
The true sequence of events of the bible and history of hebrew Africans in exile at egypt is as follows.
The king who exiled hebrews in egypt had accumulated large history and technology that shocked the other tribes of Abraham since time of creation.
One of the jealous tribe the romans decided that to rule the world the first way of acquiring and control of power was to control history of knowledge and technology of the prehistoric egypt and its people.
So the romans attacked the remainder of hebrews after the rest were on the journey to canaan. The orchestration of the events was by sequence of romans understanding that the ark of the covenant had left egypt and the pharaohs men were left powerless without the Hebrews God .

The romans were finally having a chance and were able to beat the unconquerable egypt...so they destroyed and took hostage of hebrew slaves left behind and land mark technology with and in manuscripts.

When they went back home they started studying and translating the hebrew writings into roman and adding their history , of plan and to be executed.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

How To Create Positive or Negative Energy in People

You can create energy in people 
Some basic principles and thoughts have been put out and those who might not be aware they already use certain energy to control ,enable or disable people here are some usual examples.

Giving conpliments- a good compliment makes people talk to themselve and orgasm  sometimes even just by the mind travel without people leaving where they are.

Discouraging - a positive type of these kind of words...puts out good energy..and the reverse destroys people.This is also like passing the third eye or letting people access you spiritual world.

Thanking people - small actions of kindness are rarely taken heavily but to those who have not been know what it is to be made be...and the always do thank.it goes along way than hoping to do the same.

Giving - you can create energy by giving or by not giving and this is where people change o thiefs or blessing humans.

But now there are other ways mostly used by very intelligent people or by parents to kids or the old to the knowlegde seekers.
By creating questions or generating questions of interest to them and not giving answers.
The main power of controlling a persons mind is by controlling what they are interested in researching their deepest fears and gathering their greatest strength.
People who have more fears have a higher chance of being motivated and hopeful.
But in contrast it is easy to control and create energy or destroy it by just creation of fake promises and nothing really to hope for.
The art of making school education interesting is by interacting with every individual solely but the whole class together.
There is no ambiguity in that statement but rather possibility of action for those who can read minds of even a fee.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

They Call us Africans But Who are we ,what is our real Name by culture.

If i call you Kenyan is merely by the place you live.
If i call you Moses its by the name you were given.
But by Culture and tradition every dweller of the said African continent has a name.by practice from God or from their traditions and behaviors.
Mockery naming of africa

The name Africa was given by Romans who found a land and decided it name.
Africa had no boundaries neither tail or head because the land was the way God made it.
The dwelling of the people was named by the names of God and references of nature or how that place treated the people who dwell their.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

First White Explorers Were Scouting for Their Origin in Africa

It is shocking news that the first white explorers were only out to scout for people like them and true roots of where they came from. Richard Leakey ,Vasco da Gama INCLUDING NOT FORGETTING TIME OF ARRIVAL
  • Bartolomeu Dias (1450-1500) ...
  • Vasco da Gama (1460–1524) ...
  • Ferdinand Magellan (1480–1521) ...
  • Francisco Pizarro (1529-1541) ...
  • Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) ...
  • Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) ...
  • Vasco NuΓ±ez de Balboa (1475-1519) ...
  • Hernando CortΓ©s (1485-1547)
and others were only hoping to find origin of white people [the pale skin people} since they discovered their current residence was only a safe haven.
Things and research got out of hand when the sailors tumbled on black people in Millions, who lived among animals in a continent so welcoming and perfect climate,Since they believed they only were to roam the earth

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Debt of the Dead. (Thiire Wa Ngomi) and other Tradition

Goitre is a sickness prescribed by modern doctors as iodine lack or deficiency.
The agikuyu normally ask who eats their own pot alone? no one then you cannot all alone have iodine deficiency. rather they call that being held by the throat by those who died because there is a debt to be paid.

Words and thiomi or language of agikuyu...
guturwo ni mutwe constant headache - mostly is a problem caused by debt to the dead. or  a person who is suppose to speak and be a mundu mugo or a teller of things and words to the people.

Nyungu ya makara- pot of charcoal is given to parents of a daughter if the daughter was dangerous as a sign the sold woman might be returned due to bad behavior.

Nyungu ya bibi-pot of goat or sheep manure- given to parents of a woman.means a lady is perfect for marriage and possibly virgin or productive and welcoming woman.that woman will bear a great generation.

Ndwari ni utware- a disease that has a debt and you have to pay a certain debt to be healed.
Murimo ni urimo- a sickness that catch up with people beacuse of lack of knowledge or lack of good hygiene.

Ngoima- a sheep that has been castrated for the purpose of holy tradition or sacrifice to God.

more to be added ,due to time i can only write as i can.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Asking You To Help Me

Open eyed see the world, through clearer skies
The weight of my smile isn't holding me down
For everyone that lives, somebody dies
And in the dark no-one hears you cry

So you think, you can unlock the child within
Release the demons from their lair and help me to sing
Rest my head on tiles from which I once bled
Dark thoughts are filling me with dread

Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Extinction of White TrumpLike People in 50yrs

The extinction of white TrumpLike people in 50yrs 

The power and behaviour of the current albino president J trump is the manifestation of the last throne of white suprematist.
When you see a slaughtered blood animal try reenergise itself by the rough loose throw of its feet thats the sign that life and soul is leaving it.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

God Smiles When you Make Money Business Secrets Holistically

Business Secrets
God Wants Each of Us to Be Obsessively Preoccupied with the Needs and Desires of His Other Children.
An Infinite God created us in His image with infinite imagination, potential, creative power, and desires
Humans Alone Possess the Ability to Transform Themselves
The Universe Was Created for Connection  Making Money Is a Spiritual Activity

Everything Important and Joyful You Have Achieved Has Been in Partnership with at Least One Other Person.
Focus on Other People’s Needs and Desires, and You Will Never, Ever Be Short of What You Yourself Desire and Need
Become a People Person.
We Love the People Whom We Help More Than We Love Those Who Help Us
Life Isn’t About What You Know—It’s About Who You Are
In Order to Achieve Success, We Must and Can Build Up Our Self-Discipline, Integrity, and Character Strength
Your Authentic Identity Requires Other People
Know How Business Works; Understand Specialization and Cooperation
Each and Every One of Us Is in Business and Should Act Like a Business Professional
Develop All Four Dimensions of Your Life Simultaneously
Earnings and Profits Are God’s Way of Rewarding Us for Forming Relationships with Others and Serving Them Faithfully and Effectively

Friday, 12 July 2019

How to train modern man ...Forgotten panty theory

How to train modern man ...Forgotten panty theory

In the above to make i will discuss extensively the various stages and signs of manhood expected behavior.
How to mark your territories as a man 

How to make man feel part of house hold..
How to make man feel part of bedroom.....
How to become a true man have a gazebo...

Artifacts than cement a mans presence in places he steps in.

Whether it is single mom or whole nuclear family a boy child should not be allowed to over mingle with women...as soon as they stop suckling....
Boys are supposed to be separated and trained not to talk respond walk or even roll their eyes and mouth like a woman..more so the modern woman...because these is the first deculturalizing male being.
With want or by need boys should be taught and stopped adopting play with girls toys or girls games...that fail of training models boys to become feme like males and they in future will not understand when told my other boys to turn and get those get a fix.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Ironies of Life The Things We Cannot Actually Change

Ironies of life

#AfricanMusic #VibeFromCongo #OralHistory
Download music for your phone - Mdundo http://mdundo.com/a/145775
#MusicalClass #Zilizopendwa #Lingala #Rhumba #OcherstraMusic #AfricanHeritage

When less is more valuable than more,death than forever sick.experience than education.

A smart phone has more computing power than Apollo missions combined which took people to the moon ... but now even with all servers combined it is impossible.

Rich people will leave lavishly and no one of them would give you a million bob if you said thats all you needed to change your life... only to realize after death they wish all their wealth be given to charity else their children squander all of it.

The eye πŸ‘of a human being is 540mega pixels that is 100 times for our current camera on smartphones, yet people keep saying that picture is so clear...

Engineers say robots are smart and perfect in industrial works, yet when you put people on the same tasks their handmade items with errors and corrections become the most expensive.

People keep saying discovery, but looks like now we can only upgrade or build on what is already existing.

Everyone is told and taught education makes your future better yet those who do their own businesses early become extremely rich... while educated ones work for them.

That you need light to see and more to see better... but constant exposure to light causes you to see less in the dark.

That a city with 10 million residents has 2millon vehicles yet those vehicles are owned by 100 thousand people.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Perfect African Weather and Global Warming Proof of Gods True Dwelling.

Perfect African Weather and Global warming proof of Gods dwelling.

Its now a large contest between man and nature trying to fix his mistakes.
Many factors including technology among are top of destruction earth is experiencing. Technology has improved human growth and population increase which was not the desire of God.

Before God made earth already He knew man did not need weapons house of technology in order to live by animals and nature. But the desire pf man to reach or even become God has put him in the place of destruction again. 
That same act currently being pursued was In Babylon and  Egypt and the confusion and fail of the systems was for the good of life and man.
Man is impatient and that causes his greed to keep wanting to have everything whenever and wherever he wants causing him to try everything he can do to have life and existence his way.

But lets look at the weather, It is actual African has the best weather extending along equator and around the earth. But it is also actual fact the the dwellings of a white man the albino offspring i mean is the worst hit by either extremities of weathering .

But a certain fact is also true that,even with the best favourable climate man has not been able to be sufficiently providing food in Africa due to greed and providence of Africa.Whether it is by Gods plan or not somehow Africa suffers food shortages every 3 years . And yet excess amount of rainfall flows down the ground to the sea... and have no plan even to date to find 

reservoirs  .But since everyone who cares knows Gods dwelling is Mt.Kirinyaga .then where the bride and groom are there then food for eat and merry shall be.
The amount of wastage in africa is actually more than other extremities other continents experience. For the reason of favour God decided to put Black man in perfect ground in favour of milk and honey.abundance of africa is the reason for colonialism. Considering that Africa is the hub of all minerals ...used by white man to make war weapons.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Many people question why many white people hardly return foreign after visiting africa leader of poor governance and poor world class infrastructure...because this is the dwelling of God ...this is their home... this is where they wanna be.

Many people have been mislead that God stays in the clouds yet no one ever seen God in the clouds... but it is true evidence Africans made it rain or natural calamities happen by calling on their God.
This is the shock that hit white explorers and that peace was within while people lived and tamed animals.

The start of exploration and and white man Discovery was to confirm the stories told by the first landers of what really happened in the continent of pure greatness.

The shock that hit the fake European kings and queens was that there was a place where the Ark of Covenant was hidden in Africa and that there was a reflection of harmony between the African God and evil.
There were consequences of Disobedience and rewards of life when man was in harmony with Ngai plans.
The truth of Rainmakers,miracle performers,Foreseers,future tellers and various magicinas healers medine men and witchcraft.
There is a narrative which stands distinguished by older men and trditionalists as true and hidden but still never reached the hearts of modern age africans.That there are 24 men who live by the holy mountain guarding the ark of the convenant.
Many versions of the same story are told some to divert truth and some from people who have no actual facts.
Facing MT Kenya is to be Continued...

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