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Life of Vocalist by Ecspedition

Life of a Vocalist by Ecspedition.
Life of a Vocalist

The Writer is a Vocalist,Ecspedition is a Singer,else referred to also as a singjay.
The genre of concentration is Reggae.Having grown up in a semi ghetto life upbringing after loss of the father in 1994 life took a hard turn from the easy way of possibility to reducing for today only.
Giving  me a chance to see people things and life in a different way,to value and to know God the True God.
By life being mean i got the best chance to be what i am,i would never regret any way an outcome became.
From a mere normal child to journey into Music...Godliness and Spirituality...A life of Rastafiri,,and expedition of Wabi Sabi the principle of each have guided me to be who i may appear to you today and in future.

The biography tells of my story...Journey to Ecspedition in Expedition

Part bio also qouted at ..Biography of Ecspedition
also on ...Built in Kenya By Women
Live interview with Ecspedition
Secrets to Masterly of A Skill
Ecspedition Live Television Interview

What is Life of a Vocalist?
These is my platform to say uncover and express everything going and gone in my a singer since it is my high calling to help me achieve my highest calling. Serving the children of almighty God.

The Domain is sponsored solely by Ecspedition.
Unless stated otherwise on any certain pages or articles with reference [contribution by].

The Stories written are purely a creation or recreation of real life of FUTURE,PAST,TRADITIONS,CULTURE,LIFESTYLE OR PHOTOGRAPHY BY ecspedition.

No Financial value or Gain is intended by these Domain but rather to clear and set things and words straight,for every man should be accountable,or is to be.

Any advertisements would be of possible sponsors and are all regulated since we or i do not promote various kind of content.such as Governance Misinformation or propaganda,and government campaigns,Nudity in photography unless it it to cover a story.or sexual explicit content unless it is music mostly from people i know talking issues i can vouch for.

.Money comes and money goes,people come and people may go...but i remain just live int the poem
Who Am I,Worlds Mistake Poem

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Relics of Romance sponge

Relics of Romance sponge
[the poem]

She will love you just like she did yesterday 
He will need better than he got yester night.
She looks good in the glare of dusk lights
He sounds kind and un harmful every next veer.
They all almost, get everything they needed then,
She is never ashamed of their clients hand.

Everyday she looks better,though its never the same
Every time, he comes back for better...ever getting a portion.
She always equalize all of them,he never values any of them.
They all almost, get everything they needed then,
She is never ashamed of her clients hand.

She can keep you warm ,or give you warmth,
He can give you hope ,future or wob.
Their security is always the first thing, His selection is always a queer thing. 
They are by the road side to look better in view,He stops by the road side to have a better look on few.
They all almost ,get everything they needed then,
She is never ashamed of her clients hand.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Your Children Are Watching Evil And Gay Content Promotion.

Evil and gay or lesbian cartoon being aired on cartoons networks need regulations.
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Vamparina,,demons living among Humans?

Lion guard..
Why have we accepted everything thrown to us it by hunger or sheer carelessness that parents just turn on the tv screens and feed the children the first thing which comes on cartoon networks?

I am extra cautious and my spouse tends to think i am too much...forgive me for being observant... Lion guard cartoon is a vague representation of African wildlife...the designer or them who program and prepare arts could in no way not know the agenda behind having Tattoos on the major animals...
The message here reads that leaders are rotten and someone is orchestrated the ideas shown or presented.

The culture of man is addition or subs-traction hardly he wants things to be preserved or remain the same. 
Even on most awkward of places the jungle has an order if all you have no brain.
There is no place even on the stars things happen any how way.The sun has gates the moon has gates,order and times so no foolish person would say the sun just appears whenever.
We need a localized control of African content as it is presented by foreigners ,and those Africans who contribute to such shows  rethink what agendas they actually stand for.
In the jungle ,there is a family tree systems and it works..there is a mother,father and children. 

When we say a lion guard and sons and ancestors without true reflection of the mothers contribution it is sad.
Our history is not one sided nor tattooing true decision of a minor...
I also have great hatred for vampires living amongst people that same idea is like accepting demons among angels.

That idea is dirty and furiously promoted by white and lgbt community as all in a whole to bring the new world order.

Friday, 14 June 2019


One of these fine days i heard someone i consider too cunning ,say LOYALTY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE 
But in nature and practise, it is hard to break the two because Loyalty is about being there in good and bad..and Sacrifice is doing everything and anything for good or the benefit of someone else .Friends! those ones leave and get new enemies
So it is always about someone else.

And I was there asking myself ,was that ,saying directed to me ? But the person looking good against me actually is loyal to the one we agree to rebel against.
There is even a saying in Swahili “zubaa zubaa utapata mwana si wako” that if you go slow or let your guard down someone can claim you child..”

This is utter craziness that we are even trained to be greedy... and not to TRUST OR BE FREE WITH FELLOW PEOPLE.

Black people train and support you to hate your people but behind you, they tier and labour night an day to look good,loyal and give their best to make you always look bad,behind and in front of your back.

Just so that when you are out or exhausted they take your place like you gave it willingly while they put up all the fight in you to rebel.

The true friends are people who show you hatred because they actually show what good you are... but the friends show your badness by looking good with you.

We go where we are wanted,we love those who love it is natural to gravitate to people who show you fake loving than genuine hatred...
And that is the same principle of selling out or becoming of a different character...
It breaks me to learn no matter how hard i have worked ...invested myself in music my people hardly or ever appreciate or take time to accept my little and great did...
Its literal to know and learn i am appreciated more in foreign than at home by people who actually see how hard i try to becoming something...

We are even told of the writing in the bible that we love to call African history or black...that a prophet is never appreciated in his hometown... can you believe Black people have even their own against themselves proverbs to actually encourage their badness instead of trying to fix it.

How come my friends try everything to look rebels with me, yet they seamlessly look better and loyal to ones i rebel against.
The moment you start looking at yourself conduct you learn how life and things around you affect you.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Many People Don't Know God Nor See Angles Because They Already Loaded a Certain Faces

Many people do not know God nor see Angles because they already loaded a certain faces ...which are not.

To Understand Gods' Image to Man SEE
How to explain Man in Gods Image
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Firstly Angels do not look like these
Not Image Of Angel

Fake Imgae of An Angel
Fake Illustration of Angel

I feel shocked and worried when i see myself and start realizing how much i have been damaged... not by neither problems or by being an orphan, not by economy but by the mere act of being fed that God is white , angels are white and that they wear 'white clothes.'

The malnutrition of spiritualism in Africans is because they left their way in culture and they do not even notice How God looks like neither how the angels appear.

Even though they read it daily , hear it and see it they do not realize it... the bible says God or Jesus will appear like a thief in the we should be ready anytime.But Who even understands that it isa leading clue everything of Spiritual power is a surprise.

So why do Africans hardly see their blessings... because they pray God and do not know God...they call angels and do not know how to expect angels.

  1. The narrative of the Agikuyu,  Mugo or Prophet Kibiru, is said that as a boy he was found in A forest and, he said he had come from Ngai.

  1. Everton Blender in the song Lift up your hand says “nuh go bow coz of the color of my skin,nuh go cheat coz me want fi win,they SEE THE CROWN AND STILL DO NOT KNOW THE KING,Nuh see Blessing you nuh know blessings “
  2. That we see and know God But we truly do not understand or realize it in our daily lives.

It is one of the strong Songs revealing truth to ourselves, what really is the of God and Angels but no one pays attention to them... So he simply says that we live by Gods crowns but we do not see nor know God...same as that if we do not see blessings it is because we do not know blessings.

  1. Sizzla Kalonji also sings “White god” and he says he expects black God to save Him. the fact he is pushing is that God in the image can be black or anything... not the paintings in white or actors who are white.

What is happening?, are we in at war about how God looks like? ...yes and no...why? Because we put a face to God and it has become impossible to see or know God.

In my lifetime i have seen Angels and God in many ways i just never realized it all the times...but i will share simply the ones I remember well.

One day i was at a site working alongside a co-worker , and on a lunch break an elderly man and a Fundi too started talking about actions of pleasing God and deads that protect life of a man...he told us you need to do good deeds to people and keep blood animals , if you wanna generate wealth and protect your life against bad omens... 

We have never seen the man again nor heard from anyone else who knows him... but we've proved his words.

Another instance is when i was Just from a fast' and had 3dollars or 300 shillings set apart sparing as an offering to God. i did not know where to take it for three days as i do not believe it always has to go to church...
As we were seating in the workplace van on traffic... I noticed a street child across the road in the middle of a highway sleeping face up sucking on the plastic glue can.
I looked at myself and said ,that is me,and i have no help nor anything to expect. We were three in the vehicle and all of us were quiet....The driver somehow also noticed the boy but what shocked me is the wordsthat followed, they said..he said " look at that guy sleeping on the middle of the road".. and the co-worker said, " his legs will be chopped of by a vehicle...."

And within a 2 mins they boy stood up and came to the side of the road the side that we were at... he went straight to the vehicle before us knocked and no one cared ,the came to our car, knocked on the drivers window,he did not open and i immediately realized that was my angel today...I hurriedly removed my hidden three hundred shillings and called the guy who was almost going past us, handed it to him in a way no one knew what i gave...
But i felt a fire and a calm ..and knew what had happened.

[The Dream with an Angel.]

As i am writing these i today i was sleeping on a habitual day-time nap... and had a dream...i was either working or living in that certain apartment ,and an old man wearing a hat, soft colour shirt and a grey trouser ,appeared to care about me doing something on a gate. Even though i could see him, he never really stopped to my attention,  while i was checking at a fault on swing gate... the gate had a problem opening.. and he said and showed me some thoughts. of which i will share with you!

If you want to lift a heavy thing hold the centre firmly and the heaviest side!

"Thîna umagîra mûndû harîa arona thîna"
Your problems end from the place you are unstable.

To eliminate a problem redistribute the materials equally to the carrier !

Use stronger materials to build the support and lighter to the far side !

now look at Angels and God In their special ways not the white shitstem way.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Islam At War with White Supremacists,Protect the Culture and Keep Heritage

How can you explain the most peace loving people are at war every every major of their heritage home countries.

Why is it that the only religion that does not have white as the majority designers becomes the hostile of the same white man...

Why doesn’t it surprise us that all the militia are islamists while the bible says punish your slave... how come the black do not terrorize the white colonial and slaverly desingers .

Who funds all the wars and guns and vehicles that make it daily to the poor islam countries..

I am not a muslim and i so do not hate islam but with my small wisdom i fear i am correct that to eliminate good organization you need to blame a few of the leaders...

Monday, 3 June 2019

What is Better Citizenship and Poverty or a Refugee with Money and World Attention?

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What is better citizenship and poverty or refugee with money and world attention.

I cannot believe myself juggling and weighing on these as a person in a “state of calm”  ...
Yeah am literally speaking of self and the Kenyan state... here i am also thinking about Somalia Yemen Congo Iraq and etc.

How did i get here...
As a child who lost parents early i have experienced changing of hands through homes as no one really wanna take an extra burden...and when they wish not everyone agrees or is willing and able.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

How to Explain God Making Man in His or Their Own image

What is "in Our own Image' in reference to God SOn and the spirit

When God said lets create man in our own image did He mention image as physical spiritual or holistic? 
Which method best describes in our own IMAGE?
What aspect can we look at a combination of all beings that can show is IMAGE OF GOD JESUS AND HOLLYSPIRIT?

An image is a representation of an actual thing... these alone means an image is not acurate or exact representation of the original.

An image is something to give you a simple reference of how the actual thing MIGHT seem or look like.
With that knowledge or acceptance we see or realize that there is nothing like God on earth .He also did not make man off His actual material but rather made him from earth that had already been created... that means the body can not represent God since God made earth and made man from earth.

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